Pearl in black and white - photo courtesy of
                James Collett

Peter Scandrett 07929 802460

Peter is a reliable, methodical and loyal lighting designer, operator and production technician available for all kinds of event work. His key skills and technical competencies include design, rigging and operation of lighting for a wide range of events and venues ranging from corporate events to festivals, theatre and music gigs. He has experience of production management, and displays a thorough knowledge of the component parts of production development - as well as lighting, he is skilled in the use of power distribution, video, staging, rigging, pyrotechnics and logistics. He works well as part of a team, with experience of leading and coordinating teams in many different situations, often working to a tight budget and short timescales. Additional skills and competencies include the ability to drive 7.5t trucks (with a digital tacho card), the ability to use scissor lifts and booms (holding an IPAF PAL (3a, 3b)), and excellent computer proficiency. He is a member of the PSA and holds 5m Personal and Products Liability insurance.