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                James Collett

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This page is currently a list of links to pictures of events that I have worked on, designed, rigged and/or operated - I hope to update it soon with more recent work and with images actually on this page.

For the last seven years I've been LD/op for Creationfest, a Christian summer festival in Cornwall, doing all of the lighting in the 'Big Shed', the main venue space, during the week. Photos and media can be found HERE - I can't hotlink to the images directly but please do browse the images on those pages.
The 2015 festival highlights video includes some footage of the Big Shed here on youtube.

Ongoing with Keyteq doing mainly corporate work, including:
Annual Organisations' conferences, Press conferences, and summer festivals.

I work a lot with Massive Technical Solutions doing all sorts of work - media that is easy to link to that I've worked on includes:
The Message Trust's Higher Events 2015 (not as LD, but Crew Chief/tech/useful person(!) and many other music, commercial and charity events.

April 2013: I was the LX/LD op at an event in the Crypt of Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral with Stagetex - see below for a full press release and pictures:
Lighting The Lutyens Crypt at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral with Stagetex
Another image at the Lutyens Crypt

I designed, rigged and operated the Hope Unleashed series of events during 2008. Some pictures of these events can be found below, but a short video of the Manchester Apollo Unleashed event from November 2008 can be found here, 200Mb .mov file. Although it is technically a promotional video for another event, it is made entirely of clips of our Apollo gig - which, looking back on, I was really quite pleased with!

Photos of various other events prior to 2011 can be found here:

Unleashed: Flickr

Manchester Apollo: Flickr

Stockport Plaza: Flickr

Rochdale Champness Hall: Flickr

Oldham Queen Elizabeth Hall: Flickr and Flickr

Macclesfield Sports Centre: Flickr and Flickr

Bolton Bridge Centre: Flickr

Other events include: The Message Trust's Urban Hero Awards 2008 at Manchester United: Flickr - and 2009 at The Palace Hotel Manchester: M.E.N. and Flickr

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